Creating a personalized "data" form (VBA/Macros) - To add, retrieve, modify & delete


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Jul 6, 2013
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Creating a personalized "data" form (VBA/Macros) - To add, retrieve, modify & delete

I find it very easy to create forms that allow you to enter information. Creating a form that generates reports or a form that retrieves "profiles" or information is another story...

I want a main form that is always opened (I've seen the codes for this before, not a major issue) and I want it to act as a main interface.

As a lot of information will be added and modified constantly, I simply want users to also be able to use the form to retrieve our "clients profiles" (a profile = a row of information). Perhaps I could have a "search" button, as well as a "Enter New info", or "modify"...

The last thing, generating reports, would not be part of the main form. Other buttons placed on the first sheet would generate reports in the second sheet (or third if the second is used as a database?) allowing users to print or save those reports for zillion purposes. Should I be using conditional formatting in macros? This is where my knowledge goes a FVKQ#)$.

perhaps somebody out there could help me?

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