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Apr 14, 2013
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Hi there!

I am very new to programming excel (as in I can do formulas and basic functions within Excel, but I am hoping for something better here). I have some functions working such as the "Clear" buttons that clear the data fields and the links to pages. <-- I know high level stuff right!! ;)

I have attached 2 screenshots. Basically what I am doing is a sales register database and alert system, kind of a self service automatic system to help a salesperson in a a specific role monitor and register their sales.

I will explain using the screenshots what I wish to do in each area and then if someone can please point me in the direction that I need to go or see if anyone can help me out with some macro writing to perform these functions I will be extremely grateful!

I understand that some of the stuff below is probably big asks, then again I don't know to be sure. It is wishlist stuff, I would love to get these things to work.


1. In this part, the person who is registering their sales inputs each part of their data i.e. Date, reference number (S/O or SOM) and the volume of each sales component. Clicking the arrow would then take this data and depending of the "Month Due" entered (this drop list contains a list of tabs at the bottom, they are not "linked" in anyway - they are just written in the same format) would drop the data into the next available line (see screen2). Screen 2 is already set up to calculate the information in the box highlighted.

2. In this part, the user is able to update an "order" previously entered. They enter the month (listed above in the same format as the tabs), the service order number and its status (being the new one of open, closed or posted). (This would then search for the order and change the "Open, Posted" column to match the update (see screen2 for the column referenced). The user would hit the Arrow to update.

3. In this part, this is the search area. The user selects the month (as above this is the Months as listed on the tabs) and then as described in the screenshot either the S/O Type (Bolt On's, Broadband, Mob Aqu, Mob Ret) & Due Date OR the S/O Type & Status (Open, Closed or Posted). In the result(s) box the service order number(s) would appear (after searching through the tabs at the bottom of the screen with the ability to return multiple results). Hitting the arrow begins the search or provides an "error" that can be edited.

4. Here the "SmartSearch" searches for the service order number and takes the user to it in the relevant tab at the bottom of the screen. Hitting the arrow takes the user to the order.

5. Here excel automatically provides a list of orders that have a status of either 'Open' or 'Closed' but not 'Posted' and today's date as the Due Date entered into part 1. (Is it possible to have 2 'icons' similar to the arrows used previously to complete the order and remove it from the list or a delete the order from the 'database' and the list.)

6. Here when the "Jump to Month" is completed (this is drop list of the tabs at the bottom of the screenshot) this will collect the information listed at the top of that page (see screen2). This will happen when the user has the month selected and hits the arrow underneath the highlighted area.

If anyone needs any more information or files etc (not sure whats needed and file is too big to add, hence screenshots) please let me know!

Forever Grateful!


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Feb 17, 2013
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