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Feb 14, 2012
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Ok, I think I'll be getting in over my head on this one. We have our timesheets in excel and the employee has to enter job number, hours, and work description. This then gets handed in each week and the file archived.

I want to be able to run a script where a message box requires me to fill in the job number and have some type of report or feedback that pulls the data from the archived files and tell me all the logged hours for that job number. On top of that I want to be able to use the Work description as another filter, and then also have it report the total data for that job number, or just between certain dates. I would want the Work Description field to be a wildcard as well.

I do have part of a VBA script that merges specific files in a directory I tell it to so that part is kind of taken care of. I would like, however, for it to either search all subfolders in the folder i tell it, or bring up a dialog box like "OPEN" so I can pick.

I just can't wrap my head around how to get the data sorted that I described above. Still looking into it, but any guidance is appreciated. I did provide a sample file of what the initial data looks like.

The end result I would want is a message box or something says X hours was logged doing "this task". So what would be the function to have Excel sort by the Work Description and tally only those hours?

Where would I start? Any help on this one would be GREATLY appreciated!


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SOLVED. I have (taking the long way) come up with a LISP to pull the data I need.