Commission Structure Based on multiple sales packages and commissions


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May 3, 2013
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I'm looking for assistance on another commission structure. Attached you will find an copy of the spreadsheet I'm working with. I have a reference chart for each of the potential package you could choose from in columns U - Z. As you look down this column you will see the various packages you can choose from.

My goal is to have column "J" reflect the proper commission based on the package chosen in column "G", the threshold met in column "V" seen under each package.

You can see the formula I started to build in column "J". But It's not getting me the proper result. The thresholds are not calculating correctly. In Row W2:Z2 is not calculating correctly. Example if you Enter "Copper Package" in "G2" and then put in the price point of $42.99 in "H2" the result should be $100.00 in "J2" as long as you are at 10 sales or less which is dictated by the reference in "R2".

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know what else is needed. Any help would be appreciated!


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