Checking limit values from separate xls file


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Aug 26, 2012
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Hello to all experts on the forum!

I am looking for some kind of elegant solution for my Excel form. Let me describe in short the problem I am trying to solve.

At work I order different types of furniture (windows, doors, etc) and also all types of shades that go with different type of furniture. Since there are lots of different providers of the shades, there are also different limitations for each and every manufacturer. It has gotten to the point I cannot keep up with all the different requirements and limitations.

The ideal solution would be some sort of Excel formula/expression, that would check the provided dimensions of the furniture to the different xls tables (for each individual provider) with the limits of all kinds of different shades. If it is possible, i would like to select the providers from a drop down menu. I realize I would need to create additional xls files containing limitations for each provider separately, but that would be done just once and I am ok with that.

My ordering form for furniture looks something like this:

P1, 100, 210, 1, text1
P2, 120, 120, 1, text2
P3, 100, 100, 1, text3

The crucial data are obviously WIDTH HEIGHT that would both need to be checked against the production limitations of specific manufacturer. I would like to use different XLS files for different manufacturer.

Oh and I am using Excel 2003.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

B. Kos