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Dec 20, 2021
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have some sample charts that they might suggest for this data set?

The data is imported using Power Query. The context is these are real estate sites (0 Windmill), and each site has about 5 different Categories (Age 65+, etc.), and each Category has a value for each within the 3mile, 5mile & 10 Mile.

Should I create a Pivot Table/Pivot Chart from this data? I'm not really doing calculations on the data, just trying to measure each value against the set.

Any Suggestions?


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I think your mixed data types is going to give you problems, Year estimate looks a $ value, growth is a percentage. I cannot see how you can realistically make a comparison te with growth, I think you should split it into separate category tables and analyse each individually.
Bob is entirely correct, split the table in PQ and consider unpivoting the puppy. Not quite sure how to want to view this bad boy however have given you a few cuts to be getting along with (there are many more). Hopefully you are comfortable with slicers as they will give you a lot more control over precisely what you see and in what combination.

Knock yourself out!

And Remove the grand totals as they provide no value. Meant to do the same before I sent it.


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You said you import it using PQ, so it might be better to break it up in that import. If you are not sure how to go about it, or Ed's example is not extendible for you, posy=t the original query and the original workbook, and wqe should be able to help.