Change Drop-Cap defaults?


holo man

I use Drop-Caps a lot in liturgical-publications. Is there a approach to change the defaults? I regularly utilize a particular font, but the font I utilize for body-text, and regularly would like the drop-cap to be two lines before three. I like to set up my font size and choice as the default. But how to do this anywhere.

Any help?
Are you sure you want to change the default, or do you just want to have an easy way to apply the correct formatting once that you know is right?

I'd suggest you create a "Litgurgical" style and save it in the Normal.dotm file. That way it will be imported into any document you create. It won't be the default, but you can click on it in the style selector on your Home tab, and you know it will be set up correctly.
As I see the same question here:, and assume it to be you, can I point you to the FAQ here: There is nothing wrong with asking in more than one place, but it is good manners to let people know.

The question is interesting. There really ought to be a way to change the defaults but I don't know one, and Word doesn't even remember anything from one invocation to the next so it's clearly taking no notice of user preferences.

It shouldn't, however, be very hard to knock up a UserForm to use instead of the builtin dialog.