Autocalculate average formula on inserting a new row


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Jan 16, 2014
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I have a sheet(Sample.xlsx) in which weekly data is collected and this is done by using the VBA code(Present in Copy 1 and Copy 2 button in Master US.xlsm) written by me. But in my code, it inserts a new after asking two parameters, i.e. line range(i.e. row no for eg A64) and date. After the new row is inserted, the average formula below the row need to change accordingly with the new row that gets inserted but it remains the same. :-( .I wanted the average formula to change to new new average after the below row is inserted and the formula to be dragged to other column of the row using the VBA Script that is already present in the Copy 1 and Copy 2 button in Master US.xlsm.

Can anyone please help me to accomplish this .
Sheet attached along with VBA Code in "Copy 1" and "Copy 2" buttons.

View attachment Master US.xlsm View attachment Sample.xlsx

Thanks in advance.:)