Access: Problem with "Auto numbering" (not autonumeric) after "Compact and Repair"


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Oct 10, 2021
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Access: Problem with "Auto numbering" (not autonumeric) after "Compact and Repair"

Hi everyone!

After performing a "Compact and Repair" in Access 2016 I have had the problem that adding a new record generates an error:

"The requested changes to the table were unsuccessful because they would create duplicate values ​​in the index, primary key, or relationship. Change the data in the field or fields that contain duplicate data, remove the index, or redefine it to allow duplicate entries, and try again "Obviously the idea is not to have duplicate fields ... so I don't know why this error is generated.

I comment that to generate the Self-healing of records, use this code (Not the Autonomous Access code)

Private Sub Form_Current ()

If Nz (Me.Numeroregistro) = 0 Then 'if it does not have an invoice number it is new

Me.Numeroregistro = rs.RecordCount + 1 'we put one more than the number of records in the table

Modified = True 'we mark it as modified

End If

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Dirty (Cancel As Integer)

Modified = True 'if an existing record is modified it is marked as Modified

End Sub

Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate (Cancel As Integer)

If Modified Then 'Before updating the registry we check if it meets the requirements

If MsgBox ("CURRENT RECORD MODIFIED" & vbCr & vbCr & "Do you want to Save Changes?", VbCritical + vbDefaultButton2 + vbYesNo) = vbNo Then

Cancel = True

Modified = Not Modified


DoCmd.GoToRecord,, acLast


If Nz (Me.N ° _Note) = 0 Then

MsgBox "The Note Number is a Required Field"

Cancel = True

End If

End If

End If

End Sub

I hope you can guide me in this problem.

If the field Numeroregistro is autonumeric, he last number does not necessarily be the number of records. Try to change Me.Numeroregistro = rs.RecordCount + 1 by the max number in Numeroregistro + 1