1st OLAP Cube! Excel Expert Training


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Mar 1, 2018
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I am working with the analysis services tutorial and at chapter 2.4 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sq...n-2-4-reviewing-cube-and-dimension-properties I am stuck with no way to deploy the information from Visual Studio. I'm not a SQL Server admin and have adjusted the security policies and added myself as an admin or a read / write user. To no avail, I can't deploy the project.

My goal is to learn to work with an OLAP cube. In my Microsoft certification, an ability to view data is required. I've got an interest in viewing the fact table data now that I've learned to use the AdventureWorks2012DW information in Visual Studio. After going to all of the effort of learning some basic SQL, installing Visual Studio, working with the certification, ideally I'd like to complete it.

If there are other OLAP cubes viewable and useful in Excel Power Pivot for me out there - downloads, samples, exercises so that I can learn and grow, any help is appreciated.

If anyone knows how to deploy the current project that I'm stuck with out of Visual Studio, that would help even more.

In the mean time, access to OLAP cubes for use in Excel and pointers to other tutorials or info bits is SO MUCH APPRECIATED!